Posted by: Court | June 5, 2008

In the summertime, when the weather is hot

I’m a true Texas girl. I haven’t quite lived here my whole life, but I might as well have (we moved here when I was two). And with the warm summers that I love so much, come swimming pools, picnics, BBQs and snow cones.

I miss running through the sprinklers in our front yard; slip-n-slides (which I’m pretty sure would just hurt nowadays); chasing down the ice cream man, quarters clutched in our fists; sleep overs; staying out late playing kickball in the street…

I really hope that when we have children, I take the time to re-live my childhood. To appreciate the simple joys that come along with summertime. And not just summertime – childhood in general. It’s just that watching the carefree children with their floaties, screaming, “Cannonball!” as they jump into the apartment pool, really makes me yearn for simpler times.


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