Posted by: Court | June 9, 2008

Weekend in a (large) nutshell

It’s Monday again. Just when the weekend starts to feel a bit comfy, Monday sneaks up on you.

We did have a great weekend though. We had our sweet goddaughter stay with us overnight on Friday so her parents could celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. Audrey is a bit over four months old and has recently learned how to roll over onto her tummy. It’s cute to watch, and really funny because she can’t roll back over onto her back, so she gets angry and starts grunting. She also does this little growl thing, not because she’s angry, but really just to talk. I was laying on my tummy while she was on the floor staring at the ceiling fan – another favorite hobby of hers, apparently – and I started talking to her. She’d answer back with a baby growl. She’d smile through the growls, assuring me that she wasn’t angry, just communicating. She appeared to like it when I’d say, “wa wa wa,” giving a growl of a reply. If too much time lapsed between her growl and my reply, she’d growl again. So cute. I wish we’d videotaped it.

I woke up to Audrey talking to herself on Saturday morning at 6:30. I picked her up and changed her diaper and we hung out for a bit before she started to get fussy. Tim had slept downstairs on the couch because he felt bad about having to lock the cats out of the bedroom – nevermind that we have a guest room with a bed that he could have slept in. I tiptoed downstairs with Audrey, hoping her pacifier would keep her slightly quiet until I could warm up a bottle. But the little one was quite hungry, and made it known, waking Tim up in the process. I was happy to have some help, though! Tim stumbled into the kitchen and I handed Audrey off to him – single mamas, I give you major props – while I finished making the bottle. She calmed down since Tim was able to give her his full attention. I fed her and got her dressed so we could go get some breakfast. We went to McDonalds and she was pretty quiet throughout breakfast, until we were about done – then she started with the growling. There were lots of men reading the newspaper in there, so we figured it was about time to go and let them read in peace.

On the way home, Audrey fell asleep in the car. When we arrived, we took her out of her carseat and she woke up briefly. We put her down on a blanket and she was out. I decided to “rest my eyes” for a bit on the couch, and the next thing you know, I wake up a bit over an hour later and see my husband hovering over a slightly fussy Audrey, clutching a diaper in his hand and trying to formulate a plan of attack. He saw me wake up and grinned. He said he was contemplating waking me up. I walked over to them and started to explain the basics of diaper changing. He handled it like a pro. He was quite proud of himself, and it was very cute. When Beth called a bit later to say they were on their way over, Tim shouted in the background, “I changed a diaper!” and Beth laughed.

When they arrived, they said to pick a place for lunch because they were taking us out. We chose one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I always get the fajita nachos. They come loaded with refried beans and cheddar cheese, and are topped with a huge hunk of fajita beef. Most nachos have a spattering of two to three baby-bite-sized pieces of beef, but these chunks are at least two square inches – maybe even three. We also had sopapillas for dessert, warm, perfectly fried and loaded with cinnamon and sugar. Of course we drenched them in honey to top it all off – healthy, eh?

We spent a lot of the afternoon just bumming around – we’re pretty good at it – and watching the horse race. I don’t even know which one it was. But Big Brown lost, which apparently is a big deal in the horse racing world. Beth and I finished off the evening with a mini shopping trip and swung by Potbelly’s to pick up sandwiches for everyone for dinner.

Yesterday we went to Mass and signed up for the church picnic afterwards. We went to get burgers for lunch, but Tim threw a switcheroo and got a buffalo chicken quesadilla instead. Tim texted Doug and Erin to see if they wanted to go to the Par Three, but they had plans to go to the Life Teen Mass in the afternoon. So we went home and Tim watched two golf tournaments while I worked on designs for birth announcements – something I’ll go into more in my next post.

We wrapped up the evening with some more Lost watching – we’re finally on season four – and I watched the last few waking minutes of my weekend vanish as I started to drift off to sleep.

All in all, a good weekend, though too short as usual!


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