Posted by: Court | June 19, 2008

About last night…

OK, so I kind of told a little white lie when I posted earlier. But I didn’t intend for it to turn out that way. I wrote most of the wax entry yesterday about Tuesday, but didn’t quite finish it up, so it had to be published today. I just wanted to come clean because this time, when I reference “last night,” it really means last night, as in Wednesday.

That being said, last night, Tim made a yummy scramble with eggs, ham, cheese and browned potatoe cubes. Delicious! We had dinner and I read for a bit while Tim invoiced a couple of people. Then we went to the par three and played nine holes. My short game really needs some work, but we had a good time.

In other news, I really want to start taking photography classes. The ones at the community college have already started for the summer, and they don’t have the fall schedule up yet. Plus, the classes run from 5-10:30 two nights a week! I don’t even get home until 6! I’m trying to brainstorm other options because I really am a hands-on learner. I won’t accomplish anything by reading a book and trying to self-teach.

I know I should start bringing my camera everywhere and taking pictures of anything and everything, so maybe I’ll just start there.

I’m also thinking I need to take stock of the simple pleasures in life because otherwise, life can get overwhelming. It’s easy to dwell on the bad, but how about these wonderful pieces of my life:

My husband

Our goddaughter

Our friends and family

Our church

Our sweet kitties



Cold applesauce

The roses Tim bought me yesterday “because it was Wednesday”

The beautiful sunset we saw as we played golf last night

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! 🙂


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