Posted by: Court | June 24, 2008

On getting sick

I hardly ever get sick. I mean, really. In fact, I was on a streak of no throwing up for almost 10 years, until a nasty stomach bug spread around my senior semester of college. It was just like that episode of Seinfeld with the black and white cookie, where Jerry throws up for the first time in 14 years.

But seriously, aside from allergies and the accompanying sinus headaches, I really never get sick.

Except these past two days I have been feeling so rotten. If I ever get headaches, they go away without much fuss. But I have had a headache for two days straight, and I am about to go mad. I am desperately tired as well – I strongly considered going to my car for a nap during lunch. Plus, every time I get up, I feel like I’m going to fall over.

All is clearly not well. I am usually able to just snap out of it, or shrug it off. Last night, despite my extreme state of exhaustion, my head hurt so much that I couldn’t fall asleep. I had taken two ibuprofen. It was dark and quiet. Finally, Tim suggested an ice pack for my head. He brought up a bag of ice and sat with me while I started to relax a bit more. Finally I said he could take the ice downstairs with him and watch TV (he has to do that a lot since I’ve been finding it hard to fall asleep with the TV on).

I am just ready to shake this – whatever it is. I hate feelign this tired. I know people say, “Go exercise! You’ll be amazed at how much energy it will give you.” And believe me, I know. I was a competitive athlete until I was 18. But right now I have zero energy to even get out and start exercising. I am ready to go home, eat, shower, and sleeeeeeep.


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