Posted by: Court | July 2, 2008

The taste of freedom

OK, so I still have two days of work left, or a grand total of 12 hours (if you don’t count lunch both days). But I am starting to get excited about my loooong vacation.

On Friday we’re going to surprise my cousin for her 16th birthday. Family is coming in from all over Texas, but luckily for us, it’s only about a 30 minute drive from our place to my aunt’s house.

Tim did get an offer for a gig on Friday at a Kool & The Gang concert/fireworks display. The whole freelance thing is hard to get used to. Of course I enjoy the pros of having him around the house when he’s not working – he can clean, do laundry, have dinner ready when I get home. But it’s difficult to adjust to the last-minute job offers, gigs on the weekend and out-of-town trips. For example, Tim was supposed to be in D.C. from July 1-6. I had gotten used to the idea that he wasn’t going to be in town for the family get-together, when the show got cancelled.

Should I feel excited or upset? After all, that’s a good chunk of money, and good experience for Tim. But a part of me was excited that he would be able to attend the get-together after all. Until last night. I was happily scrapbooking away, headphones emitting the “100 Classical Songs” playlist that Tim bought for $6 on iTunes, when I made out the faint sound of Tim’s voice trying to get my attention (those noise-cancelling Bose headphones are amazing, by the way). He was looking at his iPhone, and said that Keith had a gig for him on the 4th. My heart dropped.

I think I wouldn’t have minded so much if these things were more planned out. But he is always getting calls a few days before a show or something. I have 12 vacation days coming up, and he is potentially working for 5 of them. I realize that still leaves us with seven non-consecutive days, but it’s likely that other things will come up as well. And yes, I do realize that more shows = more money. That’s awesome, don’t get me wrong. But I am such a planner, that it drives me nuts that he can get a call the day of the show, and all plans get thrown out the window so he can work.

Anyway, he wanted to e-mail Keith back and explain that we have this family thing at 2 and he could work at night. I told him it would be silly to only work on the condition that he could work only at night – if he needed to work during the day, that’s what he’d need to do. As it turns out, the concert is at night anyways, so he should be able to hang out for most of the day. And who knows…maybe we’ll all go see Kool & The Gang on the 4th!

SO – vaction officially starts at 5:30:00 tomorrow. Beth is bringing Audrey over and she and Tim are goign to the driving range while I babysit. It’s kind of a win-win situation – I don’t have to go to the driving range (I’d rather play a round), but Tim still gets to go and have fun, and I get to hang out with our goddaughter!

My vacation plans don’t consist of much except reading, sleeping, swimming and my new hobby – digital scrapbooking. It is wonderful. It’s pretty much exactly like traditional scrapbooking, except everything is done on the computer (or you can print everything out and still scrap traditionally). Thankfully, I have Photoshop CS2 from when I took my design classes in college. It really wouldn’t work well unless you had a design program. I am having a lot of fun creating scrapbook pages on my laptop and – major bonus – there’s nothing to clean up! No glue streaks, paper scraps – nothing to put away when you’re done.

I started out with some free kits from, and once I got the hang of it, I bought some extra digital kits from the site. They’re very reasonably priced – around $5-9 per kit – and you can make tons of different layouts with each kit. There are plenty of other digital scrap sites out there, but Shabby Princess is my favorite.

So hopefully I will get a lot of pages done on my vacation, in between naps, movies, and waterskiing. 🙂


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