Posted by: Court | July 17, 2008

Sweet memories

Last night I was looking for something in the Army trunk in our guest bedroom. While I was digging through the contents (most of which I’d love to throw away but Tim insists on keeping), I came across some precious treasures in a rather unlikely place.

My curiosity helped me come upon them – they were tucked inside a daily planner from our college days. I thought it was mine, so I opened it (sometimes the notes I wrote in my planners help bring back memories). Inside the front cover were all of the notes I’d written Tim and slipped under/taped to his door in the early stages of our relationship – some from even before we had started dating. There was also a note Tim had put under my door telling me he wanted to hang out, and asking when would be a good time(he made it into a little form and had me fill it out 🙂 ). I had written back, and included my phone number in case he couldn’t find me in the dorm.

I brought them out into the living room and showed them to Tim. “I had no idea you kept these,” I said. “These are great!”

They really are special little treasures from the beginning of our relationship, and I am so glad Tim kept them.


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