Posted by: Court | July 21, 2008

Weekend update

My weekend was so full! Of course, I wouldn’t say no to another day off, but we got so much done, that I feel like it was just a great weekend. The weekends where you lay around are sort of nice, but you feel like you wasted your time off.

Friday night, Tim had a show. I had discovered a Web site that lists oodles of digital scrapbooking freebies, and I spent a lot of the night downloading them while watching “Bridget Jones’ Diary” on Bravo. After I had them downloaded, I made several pages and listened to some music before I called it a night around midnight. Tim got home close to 2 a.m. and brought me Whataburger taquitos.

(For some reason, I just remembered this time I was in Colorado and we were at an amusement park, in line for a ride, discussing Whataburger, and a guy turned around and said, “I thought it was Waterburger!”)

Anyhow, Saturday was a wonderful day. We woke up around 10:30 and just hung around for a bit until we went to see “The Dark Knight.” OK, at the risk of upsetting the masses, I am going to go ahead and say it – not as amazing as everyone is saying! I’m relatively positive that I am the only person who thinks this. Heath Ledger was great, no doubt, but he wasn’t nearly as creepy, dark and sinister as everyone said he would be. Weird, yes (very). But nothing out of the “ordinary.” He was promoted as a psychopathic, murderous clown, so I expected someone much more disturbing. I think part of why I wasn’t that disturbed is because as a culture, we’ve gotten used to the murderers portrayed in movies – those who kill with no remorse. And that’s pretty much what the Joker was. Other than that, he was just strange. But yes, Heath did a tremendous job with the weirdo, and Christian Bale was great as always. I’d still recommend you see the movie, if only for the acting and special effects.

After the movie, we went to PetSmart to take a look at all the cute kitties. We go there every so often because it’s where we got both of our girls, and they know us now. We held a cute little orange tabby named “Gold,” and it was so cute the way he looked up at Tim, trying to figure him out. After PetSmart, we went across the street to Chili’s. I always get the exact same thing there, but it never disappoints me. The chicken caesar pita with no peppercorn on the chicken. Yum! We got a chocolate shake to split for dessert, and it was surprisingly really good!

We had some time to kill before Mass, so we wandered over to Hallmark (bless my husband for putting up with that!) and I bought a cute picture frame. I can’t remember who makes them, but all of her stuff is so precious. Alas, I decided to only buy one thing. It’s a red ceramic frame (looks like one of those things you paint with glaze, then put in a kiln) with a tiny red heart at the top, outlined in white. At the bottom of the frame, in white cursive, it says, “And the two shall become one.” It’s from Mark 10:8, and I have the perfect picture in mind for it – when we’re holding hands at the altar, saying our vows.

We had a little bit more time, so we went to Barnes & Noble. I saw a neat book about all the things you can do in your “backyard” (all of Texas, really). I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at it because I never buy anything from B&N. I get all of my books from Half Price Books. Then it was time to head to Mass – on our way out, we saw some friends from RCIA! We really miss everyone when we’re not “in season.” It doesn’t start back up until early September, so we still have a bit over a month to go.

We went to Mass and I sat next to a lovely woman who was following along in the missalette for the majority of Mass, and didn’t go up to receive Communion. As I got back to the kneeler after Communion, I prayed about her. I wanted to ask her if she was Catholic because if she wasn’t, I wanted to tell her about RCIA. But I didn’t want to embarrass her. So I let it be, figuring God would bring her back, and she would hear about RCIA if she needed to, some way or another.

After Mass, we ran into Jim & Diane (the heads of RCIA) and I told Jim about the woman and how I had wanted to say something. He is such a good teacher (he’s also the one who gave the advice about giving to the homeless on the streets), and so kind in the way he explains things. He smiled at me and said told me to just introduce myself and ask if she’s a member of the parish. He said if she’s not, she’ll be glad to have met someone from the parish who is kind to her. This would serve as a way to tell her about RCIA if she’s interested in learning more about the Church. He said, “Your smiles would win her over – you both have such great smiles.” I appreciated his advice and hope I have the opportunity to use it. : )

We had to go home to feed the girls, but we quickly left again for Bed Bath and Beyond. We still had close to $200 in store credit from our wedding (over a year ago), and we go every so often to see if there’s anything interesting. Plus, we needed a dustbuster. We got said dustbuster, as well as a little shot glass-type measuring cup for tablespoons, teaspoons, etc.; some luggage tags that say things like “This is not your black bag,” and “Too heavy to steal,” amongst others; the Shed Ender (Have you seen this infomercial? We had to try it – and it works!) and some coasters that have little slots to put pictures in (and we all know how obsessed I am with pictures).

Afterwards, we went to DSW and Half Price Books (I keep a running list of books I’m looking for and check back until I find them.), then to Taco C for dinner. The movie trading gallery was close by, so we went after dinner. We didn’t get anything, but we ran into more people from RCIA! We had actually seen him at Mass earlier as well, and recognized him, but we weren’t sure why. Now we know (he came up and asked if we were in RCIA), and we met his wife, too. We talked to them for probably close to 20 minutes and we didn’t even know them before that encounter.

That pretty much wraps up Saturday. Yesterday was much more low-key, but I did a lot of digital scrapping while Tim watched the end of the British Open and napped. We had Potbelly and saw Mamma Mia (yes, I owe Tim for that one). I loved all the singing and dancing – makes me wish life was one big musical!

We ended the weekend in one of my favorite ways. I love to ask Tim questions like, “What’s your favorite dinosaur?” (Pterodactyl) and “What is your all-time favorite cartoon?” (Silverhawks, amongst others). The questions are admittedly random, but they always spark an interesting conversation, and often times give me insight into the crazy, silly, wonderful man I married. They also let me peek into his past a bit – I often say that I wish I had known Tim when he was a kid. The stories he tells are so cute.

For instance, last night, after the cartoon question, we got to talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He said, “OK I’m going to tell you another story from when I was a kid. And you’re going to make fun of me.” So you may or may not know that the turtles used turtle shell walkie-talkie-type things to communicate with April O’Neil. Apparently Tim wanted one, but this was before they started making them as toys. So Tim’s mom cleaned out an old makeup compact, and Tim ran around using it as the turtle shell walkie-talkie. How cute! Like I said, I wish I knew him when he was a kid.

It was the perfect way to wrap up our weekend – laying in bed, about to fall asleep, just spending time with my husband.


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