Posted by: Court | July 24, 2008

Digital scrap update

I have become absolutely sucked in to the digital scrapbooking world. It all started back in March when I discovered Shabby Princess. I downloaded some of the free kits and made simple pages, experimenting with all of the papers and elements. Thank goodness I already had CS2 from my design classes in college because it (or a similar program) really is necessary for digital scrapping.

After I’d made tons of layouts with the free kits, I started looking at the kits she had for sale and decided some were too cute to pass up. They’re relatively cheap ($5-$9), and since you can use them over and over again, it’s worth the investment. I don’t remember how I stumbled onto Sunshine Studio Scraps, but thank goodness I did! They had a “mega kit” freebie called “Mango Tango” that I loved! I have since discovered that there are oodles of digital freebies out there.

Ikea Goddess has a big list of freebies almost every day. DigiFree has some great links as well, but often crashes my Internet Explorer, so that frustrates me. A few of my favorite scrappers, Sugarplum Paperie, Flergalicious and mglScraps, often offer freebies on their blogs.

Needless to say, I have acquired massive amounts of free papers, alphas and embellishments that have me dreaming up some fun layouts. This is great, but also poses a small problem. I do my design work on a slow, dinosaur of a computer – a Dell laptop from 2003. I had it in college, so that’s where I loaded CS2. Now we have two Macs, and I’d like to switch everything to my MacBook, but that would mean buying CS2 or CS3 for the Mac platform. CS3 is $649!! So clearly, that’s not going to happen.

My other alternative is to store all of my scrap stuff (and everything else, like college papers – why do I keep those?) on an external hard drive. We already have a 300G external drive, but unfortunately, it is formatted to our Macs. This means I can’t transfer files from my PC because it doesn’t recognize the hard drive. So I started looking into buying a modest external drive for myself, but got to thinking, I bet you can re-format the drive. I Googled, and lo and behold, it is possible. I will call my brother to confirm this, but it looks like I can save myself some major money by just re-formatting!

In other semi-exciting news, I saw a kit that had some really cute elements that I knew I could use, but the rest of the kit was totally not my style, so I have decided to try to create the elements myself. The beauty of modern-day technology is that I can Google instructions on how to create realistic elements like buttons, eyelets, ribbon wraps, glass beads, etc., and make them myself in Photoshop. I even taught myself how to make a photo split! It’s really simple. Hopefully I will be able to post them on here soon so anyone can use them…that is, if anyone reads this blog! : )

I haven’t been sleeping well (can’t seem to fall asleep early, even though I’m exhausted) lately, and it’s finally starting to really catch up to me – I have one of those horrible sore throats where it hurts to swallow, and am feeling kind of flu-ish. Yuck. I’ve scrapped every night for the past seven days, so I might give it a break tonight and just go to bed early.

* Update * Tim has vetoed the re-formatting of the external drive. I didn’t bother arguing my case because I had already planned on maybe buying my own anyway. As it turns out, Best Buy is having a sale on some of their external drives, and I can get a 250G for $99. We have a cable that we need to return (from the TV purchase) that is $80, so it will only be a bit more than $20 extra that we’re spending on my drive. Hopefully I will be able to figure it out on my own tonight because Tim is working a show, and I’d love to organize my stuff and see if the Dell will start running faster again.


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