Posted by: Court | September 5, 2008

Crafts galore!

The weather is cooling off and life is staying busy!! I always love fall – everything feels so crisp and fresh. The sky is an absolutely vibrant shade of blue today and I can’t wait to get outside.

Tomorrow, we’re taking our goddaughter to the zoo. She is just over seven months old and looooves animals! They have a border collie, known for being full of energy, and I thought she’d be freaked out by the dog. But she loves that dog so much. She sits in her exersaucer, bouncing up and down, following the dog around the room with her eyes. When the dog gets close, she grabs on to whatever she can – nose, fur, sometimes even eyelids! She loves our cats, too. She squeaks and squeals whenever one walks into the room. So we figure she will love the zoo!

I’ve been scrapping like crazy this week, and it has been fun! I participated in the Sugarplum Paperie blog challenge and created this from a scraplift. I’m also probably going to do the Lilypad challenge from this week – hopefully I will have some time this weekend; it’s pretty full with the zoo tomorrow and RCIA starting up again on Sunday!

Also, in other crafting news, I discovered Manos del Uruguay yarn a frew weeks ago, and I was hooked. I tried getting some on eBay, but people were willing to pay MORE than the retail value of the yarn! Crazies! 🙂 I finally did some extensive Googling and tracked down the one shop in town (or anywhere remotely close by) that sold Manos yarn. I went by after work yesterday to check it out. The ladies were so nice in there, winding up my yarn into a ball (it comes in one giant loop, essentially), and signing me up for their e-mail list so I would know when the new colors come in. I had originally wanted to get Woodland:

Or maybe Bramble:

But they didn’t have either of those in stock. So I purchased two skeins of Mar:

This was a colorway that I’d been curious about anyway, and it is simply gorgeous in person. I’m not all that crazy about the famous Manos pattern, “My So-Called Scarf,” but I’m thinking of trying a rib, per the suggestion of Nicole. I am so excited about this yarn!


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