Posted by: Court | September 23, 2008

For a good cause

I recently came upon the c jane enjoy it blog. Her sister, Stephanie, and brother-in-law, Christian (who have four young children), were in a private airplane crash in mid-August. There was one other person in the plane with them, who passed away. Christian and Stephanie are currently trying to recover from critical burns and their bills (medical, mortgage and otherwise) are expected to be in the millions.

There is a sale going on at this Etsy store. The first “round” was today, and there is another one tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST. The proceeds of these sales are going to help Christian and Stephanie. There is a beautiful necklace that I think will be for sale tomorrow (I didn’t see it today):

It is created by Orangepoppy, and is absolutely stunning. I’d love to purchase it, but it is $125, and I simply can’t justify spending that kind of money on jewelry (even if it is for an amazing cause). So I hope someone will purchase it and enjoy it. Be sure to check out the sale tomorrow for more great stuff for a great cause. : )


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