Posted by: Court | July 20, 2009

If at first you don’t succeed

Well, we’re try, trying again.  It’s been over two months since my miscarriage, and we’re just ready for me to be pregnant again. I’m not sure that I ovulated the first cycle after the m/c. Then last month, Tim was gone the week leading up to ovulation, so we only had one day to “try” – the day before ovulation. Everything looked perfect as far as fertility signs, so I was really hoping that it all lined up right this month, but AF arrived Saturday morning.

The thing is, in the past, my charts didn’t show definite ovulation. I was panicked. That was all before we got pregnant without trying – the month before we were supposed to “officially” start TTC. I was amazed, and felt great that it had happened so easily. Then, when it was quickly snatched from us, I started to worry again. Fertility Friend shows definite ovulation on my chart for last month, even though the coverline shifted majorly (I don’t understand how FF calculates the coverline – with NFP, I don’t think it ever shifts).

This month, Tim is in town on a show, so we’ll have more opportunities to time everything correctly. I don’t want to be discouraged…I want to believe that this is our month, but I’m afraid of being disappointed again.

I can’t believe I would be over four months pregnant if I hadn’t had the m/c. I’d likely be starting to show, and we’d soon be finding out if our little blueberry was a boy or a girl.

Now I’m just aching to start over again.


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