Posted by: Court | August 6, 2009

Back on track

I am on my third cycle post-miscarriage and my body is doing some straaaange things. The first month after the m/c, I didn’t chart. I was too stressed already. The second month, fertility friend said I ovulated, but they changed the coverline on me, and it weirded me out. Without the coverline being changed, my temps would have been very low (close to or at the coverline throughout the luteal phase), and I’d like to make note of that in case I have low progesterone. This cycle, I am currently on CD 20 and have not ovulated yet. I’ve had plenty of EWCM and even some mid-cycle (of what would be a normal cycle) spotting, which I read was a tremendous sign of fertility. I thought for sure that meant all good things for us this cycle. But my temps have been all over the chart. That, combined with a history of seemingly-annovulatory charts, is enough to concern me.

Yes, I got pregnant once before. Yes, I am young and there is plenty of time for us to keep trying on our own, or try different medicines if necessary. But I don’t want it to come to that. I think it would be silly, given the knowledge we have, with my charts, to ignore science here. That being said, I have scheduled an appointment with an OB-GYN who specializes in infertility for next Friday. I don’t think I’m really infertile, since I was able to get pregnant once, but my charts are just too wacky. They’re not showing consistent ovulatory patterns. I have every hope that we’ll get this figured out ASAP and will be back on track.


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