Posted by: Court | August 15, 2009

Back on track – Part 2

We met with my WONDERFUL new OB yesterday. I am smitten. Seriously, when we left his office, we talked about the appointment for the first 30 minutes of our drive to our next location.

I brought my charts with me, and am so thankful that I did, and that I even chart to begin with. The doc took one look at the charts and said, “clearly, you’re not ovulating regularly, so you might just need some help.” He said even if I had ovulated late this cycle (CD 23), that probably wouldn’t be a great quality egg since it was so late in the cycle. So…I did some blood work yesterday to rule out prolactin issues (already had thyroid tested when I was pregnant in May). If those levels come back normal (which we expect they will), we’ll know to move forward with ovulation-inducing medicine.

My doc said he’s had great success rates with Femara/Letrozole, and that it doesn’t dry up CM like Clomid. He was so on top of his game, telling me everything I might find if I plugged “Femara” or “Letrozole” into Google (which I SO would have). Apparently Femara is used to treat breast cancer because it blocks the estrogen receptors, but in my case, this will tell my body to produce more estrogen, stimulating follicles to produce eggs. I asked if he would be concerned with low progesterone because my post-O temps are so low. He said he’d be concerned with progesterone because my luteal phase isn’t consistently long, and I’m O-ing late, if at all. SO after I start Letrozole, I’ll be monitoring my progesterone after I O.

He said I should expect that it will still take 3-4 months to get pregnant, but as I was leaving, he joked, “just watch, you’ll probably come back to see me next week and you’ll be pregnant.”

He was so kind, taking his time, asking important questions, writing down my “instructions” for my cycles on Letrozole. He asked what we did for a living and how long we’d been married. At the end, he asked if I had any questions, and he had literally answered ALL of them without me having to ask (except for the progesterone, which he would have covered if I hadn’t been so jumpy to ask 🙂 ).

He was very impressed with my charts, that they were so clean looking. I printed out my FF charts. He said normally he gets charts that are hand-drawn, have coffee stains on them, and are crumpled up from frustration. I can see why it would take over a year for some people to even figure they need to seek help – charting saved us that frustration of not knowing why we couldn’t get pregnant on our own. The one time we did must have been a fluke and a bad egg.

I was originally drawn to his practice because they’re all pro-natural birth and deliver at an amazing hospital. I was looking at a female OB, but he was listed as someone who specializes in fertility problems, so I figured I’d give it a go. I am SO glad we are in such great hands, and I am excited about TTC again, rather than stressed and frustrated.


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