Posted by: Court | September 13, 2009

We could be special

I’m feeling pretty confident that the Letrozole worked this cycle – my temp spiked yesterday and stayed up today. Just need tomorrow’s temp to confirm, then I call super-OB’s office to schedule blood work to check my progesterone levels.

When we met with the OB, he told us not to anticipate getting pregnant on the first cycle of Letrozole. I understand the reasoning – all the meds do is make me ovulate. They give me the same chances as any woman with a normal cycle, which is about 25% each cycle. But it’s been nearly four months since I miscarried. I have hope that this could be our time again.

Just a little while ago, I asked Tim if he thought we’d gotten pregnant. Of course there’s no way to know, or even guess. He said he sure hoped so. I reminded him of what the OB had told us about conceiving the first time around on the meds.

He replied, “We could be special.”

That’s all I need.


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