Posted by: Court | September 29, 2009

Pray, hope, don’t worry

That’s what St. Padre Pio said. I am trying to cling to it more and more. That’s all we can do. I know I wrote about hoping and then being let down, but we should have all the hope in the world in God’s great plans for us!

I’ve been sick since last Thursday and it’s gotten me down. I was obsessing about which medicines I could take that wouldn’t mess up my chances of conceiving this cycle, but finally last night I decided that I just need to be healthy, so I took some Mucinex. I can feel everything starting to break up, and I think I’ll take another Mucinex after lunch. It helps that I read that the half-life for the medicine is one hour.

I’m just trying to keep it simple – pray, hope and don’t worry. God will take care of the rest.


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