Posted by: Court | October 22, 2009

Our new miracle!

Unbelievable! I am officially four weeks pregnant today. For some reason, this cycle felt different. For starters, I had completely handed control over to God. That was not easy at all. I wish I had done it sooner because it offered me tremendous peace. But I finally realized that it wasn’t all up to me.

I was cramping a lot earlier than I normally do – I usually only cramp a day or two before my period. But I cramped throughout most of my luteal phase. My bbs started getting more and more tender – that was my telltale sign during my last pregnancy. The other morning at work, I had some yogurt for breakfast and was still hungry. I rummaged through my drawer and found a bag of cheddar Sun Ch.ips and that sounded amazing. I devoured the bag at 10 in the morning. Weird.

I tested yesterday morning first with a Do.llar T.ree test and thought I saw a faaaaint line. So I used an Equ.ate test next (this gave me my strongest BFP last time, aside from the obvious “Pregnant” with the Cle.arblue Eas.y Di.gital). I saw another faint line. I tried the Ai.mstrip, which is supposed to be super sensitive. This was the faintest line of them all – I may have been imagining it. But the Eq.uate was definitely visible.

I went to work yesterday and wanted to call Tim all day and tell him. But I knew I should wait until I got home. The day went by quickly, but the drive home was agonizing. It helped to listen to Catholic Answers Live! 🙂

I got home, gave Tim a kiss and went upstairs to change into comfy clothes. While I was up there, I took a pen and wrote, “Hi Daddy!” in a word bubble on my tummy. I then walked downstairs casually in PJ pants and a b.ra. Tim was just getting up from his office chair. He looked at me funny at first, then saw the word bubble, looked more closely to read it, and got this really excited look on his face. “No way!” he said as he wrapped me in a hug. I showed him the pg test. We agreed that we had tempered excitement because we wanted a more definitive answer.

SO, this morning, I was temping and while the thermometer was beeping away, I was laying in the dark, thinking, “I really feel pregnant. I remember this feeling from last time. I will be disappointed if my temperature goes down today…but it’s all in God’s hands.” The thermometer signaled that it was done, and I looked at it. My temperature had shot up again. Usually by this point in my luteal phase, I have either just started AF or am about to start – my temp. is going down or is already below the cover line.

I took this as a good sign and stumbled into the bathroom to test. I used Eq.uate first. I saw a line, but it wasn’t as bold as it had been with my last pregnancy. So I tried a Do.llar test next. Barely there line. I ripped open the FR.ER. They say those give no evap lines – a line is truly a line on them. I could make out a faaaaaaint line. Frustrating. I stared at them for a few minutes, then went to get Tim.

He squinted in the bright light and looked at them. He couldn’t really see anything on the Do.llar, but saw faint lines on the other two. He said, “just take a digital!” I was really afraid of seeing “Not pregnant.” But I did it anyway. It took FOR-EV-ER for the results to come up. I kept walking back to the bedroom and then walking into the bathroom to see if it had finished yet. After what seemed like fifteen minutes but was probably three or so, I looked down and saw one beautiful word: “Pregnant.” I yelped and looked into the bedroom. Tim was back in bed and was smiling.

I’m quite ticked that all of these “early detection” tests have never worked for me. Both pregnancies, the Eq.uate worked the best, and of course, the Cle.arblue Eas.y Di.gital confirmed it in plain English. : ) So with these experiences, I don’t think I’ll be relying on FR.ER or Aim.strip anymore.

I am a bit crampy today but I guess it’s just stretching to make room for the baby! I am trying with all my might to continue to turn everything over to God. It’s not in my hands, it’s not my will that will bring this baby to full-term. It’s God’s will that will be done. I have no control.

I’m going for a blood draw this afternoon so that I can get my results before the weekend.

St. Gerard Majella, pray for us.

Thank you God, for this beautiful gift.


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