Posted by: Court | December 4, 2009

Babies on the tree

We put up the tree last night. I put on the Christmas CDs that I used to listen to when I was a kid.

I reserved a special spot on the tree for our babies’ ornaments.

Daniel Joshua’s ornament (the one I wrote about before):

Joy Marie’s ornament:

They really were both Heaven-sent. And not just the ornaments. I love my two precious little ones so much and I can’t wait to hold them in Heaven. As I was trying to get Daniel’s in just the right spot (you have to put a light through the bottom of the candle, and it still has to hang from a different branch – tricky), the Christmas CD switched songs to “Silent Night.” I stopped in awe of God’s little ways of letting us know He’s thinking of us. His timing is impeccable…I must try to remember that in relation to growing our family.

It surprises me each year that I’ve forgotten about certain ornaments. It was fun unwrapping each of them. I had forgotten about the tiny angels that my Grandma gave us our first Christmas – they have our names on them. I put them just below the babies’ ornaments.

Daniel’s due date is coming up – December 27th. Right after Christmas. When I was pregnant with him, I thought about how neat it would be to have a baby right around Christmas. I’d wanted a winter baby.

Then when I was pregnant with Joy I realized what a tremendous blessing it was to have a baby any time of the year – her due date was June 30th. There’s just no telling and no planning on when the next baby’s due date will be. I don’t care. I just pray for a healthy baby at any time of the year.


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