Posted by: Court | December 8, 2009

Little Christmas miracles

A bit of a break from my regular baby loss blogging to talk about something nice for a change.

I’ve found in my adult life that I never know what I want for Christmas or my birthday (or anniversary, etc.). I am truly blessed and have everything I need and more. I know this is true of our respective families and our best friends. There is nothing we can give them for Christmas that will make their lives easier – they are blessed as we are.

That being said, I’ve decided we’ll be doing charity donations for Christmas this year. Gla.m.our magazine put out a list of 31 days of giving (did the same thing last year, and I donated to Nothing But Nets), and I’ve selected three that mean the most to me.

  1. Feeding America – We are so blessed and often times take our food resources for granted. We spend too much eating out, and when we do eat in, we always have plenty to go around, and then some. It is estimated that more than 49 MILLION Americans are at risk of hunger. I know that if I even eat lunch a bit late, I get grumpy and feel off-kilter. There are so many ways to help. For every $1 you donate, Feeding America helps provide 7 meals to men, women and children facing hunger in our country! For our parents and our best friends, we’re getting these cards. You can donate in memory of a loved one, which I also thought of doing for Daniel and Joy.
  2. The Pajama Program – The Pajama Program provides pajamas and books to children who are in need, many who are waiting to be adopted. Imagine having no parents to read you a story at night, and no warm PJs to change into – simply sleeping in your day clothes instead. It breaks my heart. I loved all of my fun PJs as a kid, and had shelves lined with books to flip through and for my parents to read to us. And as we pray a bit about possibly adopting someday, the thought of being able to help precious little ones touches my heart. Just $10 will help get the PJs to kids!
  3. Lastly, charity : water. This one wasn’t on the Gla.m.our list, but this month’s Gla.m.our showed a picture of a bottle of water from a well in (I believe) Africa. It was just awful – filled with brown gunk that I can only imagine is a combination of dirt and sewage. I was talking to a co-worker who participated in a huge fundraiser that raised enough money to put in a well in Africa that will bring clean water to an entire village! $5,000 can build a freshwater well in a village and provide 250+ people with clean drinking water for 20 years! I certainly can’t give that much on my own, but I talked to her and she said the two of us should start our own fundraiser! So I think we’ll probably get started on that after the holidays. In the meantime, I’ve requested the Saks Fifth Avenue-designed shirt on this page as a Christmas gift from my husband.

Go forth and do good things! It is so easy to make the world a better place, one corner at a time.


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