Posted by: Court | December 14, 2009

Slight respite (and yes, I know they don’t rhyme)

I finally stopped bleeding – it was about three weeks of it, which surprised me. My OB had said I might not bleed at all. And with the miscarriage, I only bled for a week, like a normal period.

We have an appointment with an RE on January 12. A friend from church (who’s had two miscarriages this year) has been seeing him and said she would shout his praises from the mountaintops. It should be interesting to see what he recommends going forward, given the ectopic. I’ve heard that HSGs are incredibly painful. I heard that every OB at the hospital I was going to (friend went there as well) will charge $600 for an HSG – that insurance won’t cover it. Insane! She said this RE will find a way to make sure everything only costs $50. That’s my kind of guy.

BUT the friend said the HSG scarred her for life. If I had miscarried a second time, rather than had an ectopic, I would probably be just fine with forgoing the HSG. But I think it would be smart to check out my tubes and see if there are any glaring problems which would indicate the probability of another ectopic. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself thinking “What’s next,” but the thoughts do cross my mind. I’m currently reading “Ado.pting Af.ter In.fer.til.ity.” I don’t think I technically count as “infertile,” as I’ve gotten pregnant twice. But given that we won’t have much of an option if there’s likelihood of another ectopic, adoption may be an option in the future. We’ve discussed it at a very basic level and know we’d be willing.

But what I’ve read in the book so far makes total sense: unless you’re ready to completely give up on your dreams of physically carrying your own baby, of having a biological child with your husband…you’re not ready to adopt. If your ultimate goal is to be able to parent at any cost, an you can overlook your desire to have a biological child, adoption is a good option. And right now, I’m not ready to give up on being able to carry a pregnancy to term.

In the meantime, I’m highly considering acupuncture. It won’t help with much if I have a blocked tube (we’ll see what the RE says about an HSG), but it could regulate my ovulation and hopefully that would mean I wouldn’t have to take Letro.zole anymore. I also have back pain, so I hope the acupuncture would help there as well. I’m a little bit nervous, but I hear it’s not too bad.

Christmas vacation will be a bit hectic. Lots of family to see, leaving hardly any time for just me and Tim. I know I should be thankful for such a wonderful family, and I am, but I was counting on Christmas break to regroup and relax. I feel like we’ll be hustling from one function to the next. Jesus, grant me calm and peace.



  1. I had an HSG done and it did not hurt. It was uncomfortable while it was being done. Well, it was more that the tilting from side to side was uncomfortable.

    Good luck at the RE, and I hope you will hold your own baby soon.

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