Posted by: Court | December 15, 2009

Hello there, Mary

Yesterday as I was driving to work, I approached a school zone and was forced to slow down to 20 mph. I glanced at the back window of the car on front of me, and staring back at me was Mary herself, in the frost on said window.

I know I might not believe it if I heard it from someone else, but I saw her. I strained my eyes to look closer, thinking I was seeing things. But there she was. A few minutes later, I ended up in front of the car and could see the driver in my rearview mirror while we were at a stoplight. He looked troubled. He had a rosary hanging from his rearview mirror. I offered up a prayer for him: “Father, grant him peace.” I repeated it over and over. I watched in awe as he suddenly looked to the rosary, then leaned in to look more closely. Amazed.


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