Posted by: Court | January 8, 2010

Bits and pieces

Well, it is uncharacteristically cold here in Texas right now and as a result, many of us are becoming ill. The drastic weather changes are drumming up all sorts of fun-sounding coughs, sneezes and sighs of pain. Personally, I’ve been waking up with a bloody nose (not running, but stuffy) for about two weeks straight. I can’t breathe very well through my nose so I wake up with a sore throat from mouth breathing all night. (As a side note, I can’t stand it when people don’t say “Thank you” when I say “Bless you.” This has been happening quite a bit lately…)


Anyway, we’re going to meet with the RE on Tuesday, and I am on CD 17 of my first post-ectopic cycle. I figured I wouldn’t ovulate, or it would be wonky at best, but it’s looking like I may have O’d yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed for a few more days of high temps. I’m hoping I won’t have to go back on (because I wish my body could do this naturally), but recognize that it’s probably the best course of action.


Tim had to go babysit our goddaughter yesterday because she was running a fever and had to leave daycare. He didn’t have any shows, so he went over and spent some time with her before her dad got home. He said she was really sleepy and sat in his lap the entire time watching Mickey Mouse. And that when he arrived and went into her room to say hi (she had just woken from a nap and her mom was about to leave), she pointed at him and said, “Oooooh!” with a big smile. Cute, cute girl.


As I was writing about adoption last time, I was complaining about the cost. And also thinking that I maybe shouldn’t cross the bridge until we come to it…but wouldn’t it be a good idea to start saving now? I mean, if we ended up not adopting, we could still have a good chunk of money saved for…savings?


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