Posted by: Court | January 12, 2010

Well that was fun…

What a whip this morning was.

For starters, Tim was following me in his car so I could go straight to my office from the RE appointment. Long story short, we got separated, and the GPS took me to some really random place that was across the highway from the RE’s office. Tim had the RE’s phone number with him so he called while I waited in a hospital parking lot for further instructions. We finally got there right at the appointment time and had to wait probably 15-20 minutes between filling out extra paperwork (that wasn’t on their Web site) and waiting for the doc to come in.

The doc came in with a woman who I think was a resident. He went over some pretty basic stuff; apparently he’s good friends with my OB and he said I’d made a good choice.

But the mood quickly changed when we started talking about the miscarriage and the ectopic. Apparently, the research/reading I’d done on forums regarding success after an ectopic was askew. Basically he said we shouldn’t rely on my right tube at all anymore. What?! Apparently, since I didn’t have any risk factors prior to my ectopic, we can assume that the tube was damaged was due to some sort of infection (possibly from my appendix or another nearby organ) that ruined my tubes.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!!

There is a strong possibility (I believe he said 99.9%) that my left tube is somewhat damaged as well (by the aforementioned infection). Lovely. Not at all what I was anticipating hearing today. I’m questioning why my OB didn’t mention any of this to me when we discovered the ectopic.

He said that since I have problems with ovulation, and he noted that I’d had (and still battle) acne to some degree, he wondered if I had PCOS. I figured all of the awesome trans-vaginal ultrasounds I’ve had lately would have picked up on that, but he wanted to look into it just in case. We talked about Clo.mid vs., and how only stimulates one follicle, so my chances would probably be better with Clo.mid. Either that or injectables (yikes, never thought it would come to that).

He agreed that an HSG is the next logical step. I asked about the pain and he said to take two Motrin beforehand. Yeah, right. I’ll be using the leftover Vico.din from the ectopic. So…looks like we’ll be doing that next month. Or at the end of this month, I guess. At one point he had mentioned waiting until after the next cycle since I’ve only had one cycle since the ectopic, but then he said call him when the next cycle starts. So we’ll see.

We’ll be doing blood tests for PCOS, a glucose tolerance test, prolactin, TSH, Hepatitis B & C, HIV (I already know I’m OK on those last three, obv.), Rubella and a Cystic Fibrosis panel. Oh boy.

Towards the end of the consult, after he’d given me all of this unexpected information, he asked my thoughts. I was speechless. I looked at Tim. I said yes to the HSG. I agreed that Clo.mid was probably best. The doc asked Tim his thoughts. Tim thought for a moment (I don’t think he was expecting to be asked) and then gave a semi-lengthy answer. I started tearing up thinking about what was ahead and then I heard Tim say, “Overall, I’m most concerned for my wife and her health.” I’m surprised I didn’t break down at that point, but the tears were starting to fall, and the resident handed me a box of tissue.

Not too long after, he said he wanted to do an u/s to check out my ovaries and such. I went to the restroom beforehand and was thinking, “Is this it? We’re not doing IUI or IVF, so is this our last hope and last set of steps?” ETA: I meant for it to read as a statement that we’re not doing IUI or IVF, so I’m questioning whether this is our last hope and last set of steps. I started thinking about adoption more. It’s been on my heart a lot these days, and I wonder if God is pointing us in that direction. I started thinking, “I wonder if we should look into starting a home study?”

I went back to the u/s room and waited with Tim while the docs met with someone else for 15 or so minutes. Tim said if adoption was going to be our only choice, then we’d make it work (financially). I told him I know I’d be disappointed to not be able to carry a baby, but ultimately I just want a baby to call our own, to love and raise in God’s love.

Then the docs came back and started the trans-vaginal u/s. And, what do you know, my ovaries are definitely polycystic. I hadn’t ever seen them before – the techs had always pointed the screen away from me. I’d say there were at least four cysts on each ovary. Bam.

In somewhat good news, he said it looked like I had either just ovulated, or was about to ovulate from my left ovary, the one that would be best. According to my temps, I am 5 dpo, so hopefully that means I did ovulate from the left side. What a miracle it would be if I were to get pregnant.

He finished the u/s and told me to call when I reached CD1 to schedule the HSG. I’ll have the blood work and glucose tolerance test done before then.

Tim doesn’t say much about these goings-on. He knows and supports my feelings, but doesn’t get in-depth about what he’s thinking. When we got to my car and I was getting in, he said, “Well, that sucked.”

Indeed, darling.



  1. Actually all of this is the first steps toward IUI and IVF from my understanding, they want to use the least invasive and least expensive steps first and try to get (and keep) you pregnant with as little stress (HA!) on your body as possible…. they slowly scale up to those steps…..

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