Posted by: Court | January 29, 2010


Seriously frustrated. 22 dpo according to FAM, but if I let FF’s advanced detector take over, it doesn’t detect any ovulatory pattern at all. Awesome.

At my RE appointment he saw a follicle that either just had or was about to release an egg. Corresponding with my FAM chart, it would look like I already had O’d. But what if I hadn’t, and never did? And my cycle is just going and going and going…

The nurse called me back today and said my OB wants to do blood work to check my hcg. If it comes back negative, he’ll prescribe me something to bring AF on. I don’t like this one bit. I mean, I guess it will be nice to have an answer and move on, but I felt relatively certain that eventually I would get a BFP.

I’m tired, feeling awful and wanting to sleep all day tomorrow. But alas, I am table leading at the RCIA retreat all weekend. God, give me the strength.


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