Posted by: Court | February 8, 2010

Sleep is better than blood work

I was supposed to go to get an enormous amount of b/w done on Saturday, along with the three-hour glucose tolerance test, but I slept in. Long story short, I was hanging out at my boss’ house until nearly midnight on Friday, and with the tollway shut down for construction, I had to take a really backwards way home. I called Tim to tell him I had to be up early and he suggested I just sleep in. I told him that I knew I’d be upset with myself if I didn’t take care of the b/w and such now.

But when 7:15 rolled around Saturday morning, I turned off my alarm and slept until 10:15. And know what? I totally don’t care. I was exhausted. It felt pretty liberating to just not care for once.

My RE had told me to do the b/w before I got my next period so we could move on to the HSG. I have two doses left of P.rov.era to start my period, as I am currently on CD 48. I hate it. It’s making my bbs hurt like mad and bringing on sudden heaving waves of nausea. Supposedly, AF should come 3-7 days after I finish the last dose. SO, hopefully it will be something like 5-ish days afterwards and I can get the b/w done this Saturday, then schedule the HSG for next week? Really looking forward to that.


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