Posted by: Court | March 16, 2010

RE Update and Lisa Leonard giveaway

I heard back from my RE’s office last week and all of my blood work and glucose tolerance came back normal. Normal.


I mean, I guess that’s a good thing. But I was kind of hoping for something to come back abnormal so we’d have a concrete problem to fix. Now I am on day 30 of my cycle, feeling really heavy/crampy in my uterus, so who knows. Really I’d just think it was a big plus if I didn’t have another 58 day cycle like the last go-round.

So if/WHEN I get AF in the next couple of days, I’m supposed to schedule my HSG with the RE and we’ll go over the test results when I have that appointment.


I wrote before about the Ja.mes ring that I got for Daniel. It has December’s birth stone and it’s pretty simple. I wear it every day. I went back to get Joy’s birth stone ring (June) and the two didn’t look very good together, so I didn’t buy it. Plus, it was $30 more than Daniel’s was.

I’ve been wanting to get one piece of jewelry that will work for both of them, and Lisa Leonard has created a necklace that is meant to be for mothers who have lost babies.

She’s giving two away here —-> (

If I won, I’d have my sweet ones’ names stamped on the back.


On another note, I haven’t been able to insert links properly for about a week on WordPress and I am becoming very antsy about it. Anyone know what’s up?


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