Posted by: Court | April 6, 2010

My body: a horror story

I went to the RE last Thursday for an ultrasound to check out my lining and try to determine why I didn’t have AF yet (currently on CD FIFTY-ONE). It was weird because my lining apparently wasn’t all that thick for how long my cycle was, and it looked as if I’d ovulated. So he was perplexed as to why, if I had ovulated, AF hadn’t started. But it is possible that I didn’t ovulate. SO I got to do some more blood work on Friday (only four vials this time) to check my estrogen levels and insulin, amongst other things. Depending on those results, I may or may not have to take Pr.ov.era AGAIN.

He said that by just looking at my ovaries, many doctors would diagnose me with PCOS, but that he wanted to do b/w to corroborate that assumption.

If that is the case, I assume I will end up on + Clomid or injectables. But the next step (after I get AF) is the HSG. We’ll look at those results and decide the appropriate next step.

In the meantime, my body is so freakin’ confused. My cervix is jumping up and down, softening and hardening, opening and closing. My bbs feel like boulders that are burning from the inside out. I cramp intermittently.

I’m trying not to think about it a lot. There’s nothing I can do right now.


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