Posted by: Court | April 26, 2010

Please don’t rock the boat

Whew. Morning sickness took on a whole new persona this weekend and kept me knocked on my butt or lying down ALL weekend. Seriously, I hit the couch as soon as I got home Friday, and only left it to use the restroom and go upstairs to sleep in our bed.

Going to work this morning was rough. Tim drove me since his car is in the shop, and I’ve read that if you’re going to be in the car, you should be the driver. But I don’t want to focus on driving when I feel like this.

So far I have been eating mostly dry toast. I tried applesauce today and got about halfway through it. I had a baked potato with just cheese on it for lunch and made about halfway through that as well. Only one of my lunch companion co-workers knows about the pregnancy and she could tell I wasn’t feeling so great.

Here’s what’s helping so far:

– Burping. I know…it’s gross. But it seems to let some pressure off my tummy.
– Fruit popsicles. They don’t upset my tummy. Tim got some’s pure fruit popsicles and the raspberry are great!
– Cold water. Ice cold.

Here’s what’s NOT helping:

– Preggie pops. OK, I’ve only tried the Lemon and Green Apple but they almost make the nausea worse. The sour thing isn’t really cutting it so far.
– Zofran!! I had some leftover from the ectopic and it had worked magic with that nausea, so I was excited that it might do the same for this bout. No luck. It doesn’t even take the edge off. Frustrating.
– Eating often. Maybe I’m not eating often enough? But I’ve tried to keep some food in my tummy frequently, as they say it helps, but it’s not doing anything. I could only eat part of one piece of dry toast this morning.

Things I’m going to try next:

– Continue drinking lots of cold water.
– Try Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. Peppermint gum helped a bit last Friday, so I hope peppermint tea will help as well – read about this earlier.
– Try those wristbands they use for people who get seasick. Will I look ridiculous? Probably, but I don’t care at this point.

I am currently 6 weeks, 5 days pregnant.


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