Posted by: Court | April 28, 2010

Morning sickness update

I think I have officially ruled out Preggie Pops as helpful with morning sickness. I had one yesterday while I was making my toast for breakfast and all of a sudden I had to rip it out of my mouth and run to the sink. Thankfully, I have not yet thrown up, but feeling like I’m going to all day is no picnic.

Yesterday I told Tim that maybe I would like grilled chicken topped with shredded cheese for dinner. While I was eating it, it was so lovely to have some protein instead of carbs, carbs, carbs (I’ve been eating lots of dry toast). But I may have eaten it too quickly. My tummy hurt afterward.

So the Sea Bands didn’t do anything, from what I can tell. But they’re still in my purse in case I get desperate and want to try them again. My purse is hilarious right now. There is a plastic Target bag (pre-checked for holes) in case of an emergency, Sea Bands, Zofran and a tin of A.lto.ids (peppermint flavor). I noticed late last week that plain T.rid.ent gum took the edge off a bit so I had Tim buy me some regular A.lto.ids and just taking a big whiff of the tin makes my stomach settle a bit.

The Sleepytime tea is nice because it’s something other than ice cold water (which continues to help, along with burping), and has a bit of a calming effect.

I am 7 weeks pregnant today. Tomorrow is my next appointment with my RE. I have no idea what we’re doing, but I’m hoping for another u/s since he wasn’t there for the last one!


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