Posted by: Court | May 4, 2010

7 weeks, 6 days

What an adventure this baby growing is proving to be.

I am an absolute mess of hormones right now. I was watching Little People, Big World last night while force-feeding myself applesauce and Special K, and I got really emotional. I had the overwhelming urge to cry for no reason. But then my senses kicked in and I realized that all of that heaving from crying would likely make me vomit. So I decided to suck it up. Then I threw half of my cereal down the drain, took a shower, and hit the hay a bit before 9 p.m.

I am constantly hearing that it is essential to be eating at least once per hour to keep nausea at bay. I am finding it to be very true. Unfortunately, the only things that I can consistently stomach are saltines and dry toast, and those just don’t sound so yummy after two straight weeks of consumption.

I find it extremely odd that I have no interest in sweets. I, the Queen of Sugar, have temporarily abdicated my throne. My co-worker commented today, “You eat so healthily when you’re pregnant!” It’s true, but mostly because I can’t stomach the thought of anything greasy, sweet or otherwise unhealthy. I’ve read that your body craves what the baby needs and has aversions to things he/she can do without. Makes sense, no?

Last weekend, while in a sleepy haze on my couch, I *thought* I wanted an A.rb.y’s sandwich and one of their vanilla shakes. Together. As in, I was wishing I could have a scoop of the milkshake on top of the roast beef. What?! Unfortunately, I’m mostly afraid to send Tim out for special orders now because a) I’m afraid they won’t sound good by the time he gets back with them and b) I can only eat half of whatever it is.

At last week’s appt, my RE said to keep taking the Zofran and try the acupressure bands. I told him I already had, and he said to keep them on constantly. Hmmm…yeah, still not working. They’re just leaving itchy, indented circles on my wrists.

So I had another u/s and baby was looking awesome with a strong heartbeat. The RE did notice a small bleed, however. He was perfectly calm and said they’re fairly common in early pregnancy. He just asked if I would be able to take off work for a couple of days and keep my feet up. So I did. I spent Thursday – Sunday on the couch. And while I have implemented a ban on Googling anything pregnancy-related (other than weekly status updates), I decided to check out a bit about this bleed. And apparently, they are indeed quite common, and usually resolve themselves.

I’m going by my RE’s reaction and am not concerned at this point. We’ll do another u/s on Thursday to check on it, and baby as well. Tim hasn’t been able to see baby yet (except for the pics I bring home), so he is excited about this appointment.


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