Posted by: Court | May 5, 2010

First real bout of sickness

Last night was a nightmare. Aside from the after-effects of my ectopic, this was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Seriously, I was already doubting my ability to give birth without an epidural because I couldn’t imagine the pain being worse than what I felt last night.

Without going into too much detail, I had major *ahem* gas pain issues. I hadn’t had a BM in several days and apparently haven’t been eating enough fiber. I woke up at 2:18 and spent TWO HOURS in the bathroom. Some of that time I was just sitting there, dozing off, because I was still in pain and knew it wasn’t over.

Oh yeah, and I threw up. Twice.

I can usually do the mind over matter thing pretty well, but the need to throw up was so overwhelming, I knew there was no turning back. My whole body became sweaty and I was shaking. Poor Tim couldn’t very well be in the restroom with me (well, I suppose he could have, but he wanted to give me privacy, which I appreciated haha), so he sat awake in bed the entire time. After the first time I threw up, he was concerned and came knocking on the door. I asked if he could bring me some water, which he did, along with an Altoid. : ) After two hours of that nonsense, I felt like I could go back to sleep, so I did.

He’s off to get me some E.a.rth B.ab.y morning sickness tea this afternoon.

I am 8 weeks pregnant today. Back for another u/s tomorrow!


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