Posted by: Court | May 20, 2010

I really don’t know what to do about all of the I currently have to take. My OB gave me a couple of sample boxes of a slightly smaller prenatal, so I thought that might help. But he also recommended that I start taking a DHA supplement as well, which is just about as big as the new prenatal, and is an extra pi.ll to swallow, which is not easy on my nighttime-queasy tummy.

I counted eight I had to take last night. I took the big ones first to get them out of the way. It takes a long time to psyche myself up, and I never had trouble swallowing pre-pregnancy. I got half-way through, and one of the didn’t quite make it all the way down. So I had to stay calm and swallow some more water. About five seconds after it was down, I threw back the covers and ran to the restroom.

Unfortunately (maybe TMI for queasy tummies), I threw up right as I walked into the bathroom. One of our poor kitties was sitting not too far away and she got really freaked out. I made it to the toilet for the rest, and sweet Tim cleaned up the bit that I’d gotten on the floor. I felt better for a little bit after that, but still had a bit of trouble sleeping and my tummy still hurt.

Right now I just feel depressed and pathetic. All I do is wake up, lay in bed for five-ish minutes to try to work off the nausea, go to work, feel the worst from 4 p.m. on, making the drive home miserable, try to at least eat some crackers, try not to throw up, try to get comfortable on my side (my hips hurt sleeping this way!), and go to bed between 6:30 – 8:30, depending on how sick I feel. My life consists of forcing down food, feeling queasy, throwing up, working and sleeping. It’s why the work weeks are so long and miserable for me. I have no outside life, nothing to enjoy.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining a lot for someone who wanted a baby so badly, and it’s true. I’ve re-read my posts where I’m longing to be pregnant and they give me some perspective. But it’s still very difficult to do this every day. I’ve been reading The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy and she talks about the same thing. She dealt with infertility and then when she got pregnant she was miserable. She called it “progesterone poisoning,” and I think that’s pretty accurate!

I am grateful for this tiny gift, and I make sure to thank God for him or her in my prayers, but as Tim said to my belly last night, “Quit acting up in there!”


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