Posted by: Court | June 8, 2010

Nearly 13 weeks

Well, I am quickly approaching the second trimester, and I can’t wait for the hope it brings. : )

Last night, at 12 weeks, 4 days, I threw up for the first time in two weeks. It was really unexpected, but one of those times where once the feeling hits, you know it’s about to happen. I did feel a bit better afterward and went to sleep rather quickly.

Nights are still hard for me…which I don’t quite understand. I have been eating breakfast, lunch, a few snacks, and as big of a dinner as I can manage, so I’m not sure why my stomach always hurts at night still. Couple that with my new friend heartburn, and it’s quite a ride.

I am frustrated that I’m not enjoying pregnancy more. I always dreamed of loving every second of pregnancy. I know I need to be grateful for this precious gift every moment of every day.

We saw the little one last Friday at my OB appointment. It was pretty cool to see how much the babe continues to grow, and to actually see long legs, knees and tiny feet! Heartbeat was still excellent and baby continues to look great! I’ll have my next appointment at 16 weeks, and we’re hoping to be able to determine the gender then. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait for my 20 week appointment!


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