Posted by: Court | June 14, 2010

Second trimester, and sick, sick, sick

Welcome to the second trimester, body! Now, how about a full-on case of gastroenteritis to usher in the supposed blissful phase of pregnancy?

I spent all weekend on the couch, close to the toilet. I threw up five times in just over 24 hours; couldn’t even keep down water. Far, far worse than the morning sickness I’ve experienced thus far. I didn’t eat for over 48 hours. Or if I did, I threw up about five minutes later.

This morning I’m doing much better. I’ve eaten a fruit popsicle, two pieces of dry toast, and a tortilla with peanut butter. I’ve been able to keep down all of that and a tall glass of ice water. It feels so nice to eat again. But I’m still dizzy, tired and not completely myself…and afraid to be too far from a restroom, so I decided it’d be best to stay home today.

Anyway, it’s really surreal to be reading things about the second trimester. I’ve always fallen a month short of the milestone, and now I’m planning for an actual baby in six months! Hopefully we’ll find out the gender at the next ultrasound in under three weeks.

I am 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and looking for the light at the end of the nausea tunnel!


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