Posted by: Court | June 16, 2010

13 weeks, 6 days

After the stomach flu from Hades passed, I have felt much better the past two days. I was able to eat a full dinner (albeit a kid’s meal from Bost.on. Mar.ket) last night. And the weirdest thing happened. I was completely full, but as I got ready for bed, I was coming up with all of these things that sounded sooo yummy. Like that ranch/sour cream dip and Ru.ff.les! And a plain bagel, not toasted, that I could rip into pieces and dip in cream cheese! It’s nice to want to eat again, and hopefully that will continue moving forward!

I was always told that I’d have to go to the bathroom about once an hour once I got pregnant. This just wasn’t the case with me in the first trimester! I did get up usually once a night, sometimes twice, to go to the bathroom, but during the day I didn’t notice any changes. Well I am two days into the second trimester and I am finding myself going much more frequently! I can’t remember if I went three or four times last night, but I slept horribly because I kept waking up and having trouble falling back to sleep.

Last night a million songs were running through my head and I couldn’t shut them out. Well one of them brought me the inspiration for a boy nursery! The song “Blanket for a Sail” was on the “For our Children” tape that we listened to ad nauseum when I was a child. As I lay there singing it in my head last night, inspiration struck! Tim raced sailboats the majority of his childhood and adolescence, so it’s a cute nod to the babe’s daddy. : ) Then I figured we could tie in my childhood by using part of the lyrics from “Blanket for a Sail:”

The law of the ocean
Says that you shall never fail
Just use your heart as a rudder
Faith as a compass
And a blanket for a sail

I have several ideas of how we could incorporate the lyrics, from painting them directly on the walls, to canvases, etc. And I found some super cute sailboat bedding at PBKids.

Of course, this will all be for naught if the little one is a girl! I’m really hoping to find out in just over two weeks at our 16 week appointment. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until 20 weeks. Wow…can’t believe that’s only six weeks away!


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