Posted by: Court | July 1, 2010

Daddy funnies

I feel awful that I’m not taking time to note the little joys in this pregnancy. Yes, it has been overwhelmingly difficult. But I try to remember, this is what I wanted, what I longed for, what my heart desired at its innermost core.

So I am thankful for the little kicks I feel every day now. They’re so tiny and cute, and I’m told they will become bothersome towards the end of the pregnancy, so I’m enjoying them in all of their tiny glory.

And something that I’d like to continue to note are all the funny things that Tim says regarding the baby. I’ll call them “Daddy Funnies.”

A couple of nights ago I was bidding for a Dwe.ll St.udio diaper bag on e.bay (lost by $1). I explained that it’s normally $160, so at $60, I would be getting a great deal. Tim said diaper bags were silly, it just looked like a giant purse, and I should just buy a big bag elsewhere for cheaper. I told him I had planned on getting him his own more masculine diaper bag, but now that I knew his feelings, I wouldn’t.

He replied, “Well, I have a backpack.”

I thought he was referring to his computer bag, which does have several compartments, so I said, “Oh, your laptop bag? Yeah, I guess that could work…”

And he said, “No, my backpacking backpack.” As in, the gigantic, metal frame backpack he uses to hike and backpack. Awesome. : )


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